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Soma is the brand name of the approved prescription drug carisoprodol. It's a white crystalline powder with a unique odor and bitter taste. It is soluble in water slightly and freely soluble in acetone and alcohol, and chloroform. Can you buy soma online legally
Generally Soma is prescribed on a short term basis � normally around three weeks. It is known to be habit forming and as such, it is vitally important that patients follow the prescribed dose explicitly. Increasing the stated dose can often lead to habit forming behaviours such as drug seeking behaviour. Most doctors will prescribe Soma at a certain dose, and will also look to wean you off the product. Withdrawal symptoms have been reported in the past when patients have suddenly stopped using this medication. Withdrawal symptoms include severe stomach cramps, sleeping difficulties, headaches and nausea. Soma is taken orally and is normally 250 or 350 ml in strength. Cheap carisoprodol no prescription
Soma has a few side effects that can make certain activities dangerous so certain situations should be avoided while taking Soma. Driving a car should not be attempted while on Soma and because Soma may result in drowsiness it is a good idea to avoid the use of alcohol while taking it. Rising quickly may result in dizziness and some people may experience an upset stomach or vomiting. For most, the benefits of Soma far outweigh any minor side effects that may be experienced. Online pharmacy reviews soma