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  • Product name: Meridia (Sibutramine/Reductil)
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Meridia�s main use is as a diet pill prescribed to help those that are obese to lose weight. As do many of the other medications in its class, Meridia works by suppressing the appetite. By removing the overwhelming discomfort of feeling hungry that often accompanies a diet with restricted food intake, Meridia makes losing weight easier. Intended to be used as part of a sensible weight loss plan, Meridia should be used in union with an exercise program and a reduced calorie diet in order to achieve the best results. Using Meridia as part of a weight loss program can have many benefits starting with the lowered risks of heart disease and stroke that are gained through the loss of excess weight. Comments sibutramine for sale
What you should know before taking Meridia too is that this medication can be passed through breast milk. Therefore, nursing mothers should not take Meridia. There is insufficient data available as to whether or not Meridia can harm an unborn child. If you are pregnant and wish to take this drug, speak to your doctor about the risks. Buy reductil 15mg online
The main effect of Meridia is a rise in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate. These two constants must be monitored regularly during treatment, especially during the first 3 months. An increase in heart rate over 10 beats per minute or increased blood pressure of more than 1 cm of mercury, should lead to discontinuation of treatment. Sibutramine price