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  • Product name: Fioricet (Butalbital)
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Fioricet is a combination product that includes acetylsalicylic acids (ASA) as well as butalbital and caffeine. ASA can be used to alleviate discomfort. Butalbital is an barbiturate can be described as a relaxing agent. Caffeine can increase the efficacy for pain reduction.
This medicine is employed in order to alleviate headaches caused by tension (or muscular contraction) headaches.
The medication is sold under several brand names , and/or in various forms. Any specific brand name associated with this medication may not be offered in all the forms or be approved for all ailments discussed here. Also, certain versions of this medication might not be suitable to treat all the conditions listed here.
Your doctor might have recommended this medication for conditions that are not the ones listed in these drug informational articles. If you have not talked to your doctor about this or aren't sure the reason you're being prescribed this drug, talk with your physician. Don't stop using this medicine without consulting with your physician.
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